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Mento Landscape & Paving paves asphalt driveways. Our additional services include paver and hardscape installation and landscaping. Established in 1973, our founder's three sons help manage the company to this day and guarantee 100 percent customer satisfaction. Our employees are easily identifiable in uniforms and marked vehicles.

About Boston Asphalt Driveways Companies

A home’s driveway is, of course, a functional part of the property, but ideally, it also carries aesthetic appeal. Paving a driveway with asphalt creates a functional and attractive surface that is also cost effective. Asphalt driveway design options have increased in recent years, so if the look of classic blacktop doesn’t suit your home’s style, consider stamped or colored asphalt as an alternative.

Successful asphalt paving depends largely on the driveway’s foundation. Firmly compacted soil and, for a residential driveway, a six-inch layer of gravel are essential for a durable surface. Approximately nine months to one year after the driveway is installed, it will need to be sealed. The coating does not last forever, so this driveway sealing service will need to be repeated every three to five years. Be sure to have any cracks—even small ones—repaired as quickly as possible so that moisture doesn’t have a chance to damage the asphalt. For more details, contact one of our Best Picks listed below.