Causes of Houston Drainage Problems | Best Pick Reports

Most drainage problems result from improper grading. Grading is the slope of the yard. In general terms, a properly graded yard should slope gently downward from the house and toward the street and alley.

Unfortunately, because Texas is relatively flat, properly grading a yard is relatively difficult. In many cases, there is little or no natural elevation change on a property, and the home builder and landscaper must create an artificial elevation change. Because of the difficulty, many properties are not properly graded, and water gathers in the low spots of the yard.

Additionally, many yards that were once properly graded develop problems, as growing trees and bush root systems create natural dams by raising the adjacent earth. Over a number of years, the buildup of earth can cause water flow to change, and create a drainage problem. Additionally, well-meaning landscaping projects may also re-slope areas of the property and create low spots, or even cause water to flow toward the house.

Drainage problems are also exacerbated by the high clay content in soil. The clay content causes the soil to resist absorbing moisture, and low areas hold standing water more readily.