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"Our approach to each project is to first identify the source of any problems with the property, and then design a solution that's proven to solve the problem. We're unique because we were founded by a licensed Professional Engineer and a landscape designer."

Mark J. Lane | Owner
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Drainage & Erosion Solutions specializes in landscape design that offers water management solutions, including foundation waterproofing, French drains, downspout and sump pump pipe extensions, wall and footing drainage systems, and regrading to promote positive drainage. The company also provides stream stabilization and slope stability solutions. Drainage & Erosion Solutions specializes in analysis, design, and installation of drainage and waterproofing systems to solve wet basements, wet yards, soil erosion, and stream stabilization issues.
Drainage & Erosion Solutions offers a five-year warranty on all drainage systems and a ten-year warranty on foundation waterproofing.
Company History
The company was founded in 2003.
Areas Served
Prince William, Fairfax County, Loudoun County, Arlington County
A selection of 272 homeowner reviews:
“They were absolutely fabulous, extremely clean, and polite. They put in natural stone pavers on either side of the house, buried and extended downspouts, and put in drainage rain barrels and buried them in the ground. It was just great. Drainage & Erosion Solutions did a phenomenal job.”
“I thought they were wonderful; they did a great job. They put in drainage and downspouts to drain water away from the house. I would grade them an A+. They were very nice and on time. They did the work when they said they would do it, and it was done neatly and cleanly.”
“There was more than one visit. One was the installation of the drainage system, and the second was an addition to the initial work. I would give them an A+. The punctuality was good, too. They were fantastic.”
“Drainage & Erosion Solutions are terrific. I would grade them an A. On the community part, they had a guy that was a little difficult, but I think they were technically excellent.”
“It was very good. I had them install a four-inch PVC drain from my back patio, underground, out to a curb core, which also hooks up with the drain from the front of the house. I had two pipes going out and hooking up to curb core. It was very nice. I would grade them an A. The quality of work was excellent. It was very good.”
“I'm very satisfied with the drainage system they put in, and when the supervisor came out and inspected the work, he mentioned that he was going to have some of the workers come back and take some of the excess rocks and place them on the left hand side of the house. I would grade them an A.”
“Drainage & Erosion Solutions were great. They did drainage work for me. I would grade them an A+.”
“They installed a French drain and extended underground down spouts away from the house. I would grade them an A+”
“They did some kind of drainage work on a property that I own. I would grade them an A+.”
“Drainage & Erosion Solutions installed some pipes in our backyard, built a trench, and installed some pipes that drained water out to the curb. I would grade them an A. The only reason why I wouldn't grade them an A+ is that it was a little hard to get ahold of them. But once I was able to get a hold of them, they were able to get the work done right and quickly.”