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"At Village Plumbing & Home Services, everything we do is focused on you. Satisfied customers are essential to our continued success. We want your experience with Village Plumbing to be the very best. We achieve this by listening to you and understanding what you want in total home comfort."

Monica Ryan | Owner
Company Information
Services Offered
Village Plumbing & Home Services provides a range of services for drains and sewers, including unclogging plumbing fixtures and performing camera inspections. The company also repairs, maintains, and installs faucets, sinks, toilets, garbage disposals, and other plumbing fixtures. Additionally, Village Plumbing & Home Services offers HVAC and appliance repair services.
Company History
The woman- and family-owned company was founded in 1946. Village Plumbing & Home Services has over 60 employees on staff.
Village Plumbing & Home Services is a member of the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association (PHCC) and the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA).
Employee Information
Employees wear uniforms and shoe covers, use drop cloths, and undergo background checks and drug testing.
Areas Served
Fort Bend County & Southwest Houston
A selection of 388 homeowner reviews:
“I placed an emergency call for a clogged drain. They were very responsive. They showed up exactly when they told me when they would, and they got it done as quick as they possibly could. They were very clean and very efficient—in and out. I was very pleased. I'd give Village Plumbing an A.”
“They always stand behind their work, and they keep working until they get it right. Overall, they get an A+.”
“They unclogged a drain for me. They arrived quickly. They did a great job, and they got it done fast. I'd give them an A+.”
“They've come several times for a drainage issue. They were great—timely and reliable. They earned an A.”
“They unclogged a sink for us. They arrived when they were supposed to, they did a good job, and we're satisfied with it.”
“It was a positive experience.”
“It was a positive experience.”
“That was a long time ago. They did a good job, no problems. It was more drain work.”
“They didn't do any work for me. They gave me an estimate. I paid for it.”
“I would recommend them.”