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"Since 1986, Squeeky Clean Services has strived to create value for our customers by providing professional service and quality workmanship. From the initial contact to the end of the job, we do all we can to make sure our customers know they chose the right company. We hope to hear from you."

Matt Gallagher | President
Company Information
Services Offered
Squeeky Clean Services (SCS) designs, constructs, repairs, and maintains wood and synthetic decks for residential and commercial customers. The company uses natural and synthetic products, including pressure-treated wood and cedar. SCS also provides ongoing cleaning and maintenance for outdoor living spaces. Stucco waterproofing and repairs, masonry restoration, paver restoration, drainage work, and carpentry services are also available.
The company offers a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee.
Company History
The local, family-owned-and-operated company was founded in 1986.
Employee Information
Employees wear uniforms, drive marked vehicles, and undergo background checks.
Areas Served
Montgomery County, Chester County, The Main Line, Bucks County, Delaware County
A selection of 213 homeowner reviews:
“They are wonderful. They're prompt and do a wonderful job. The quality of the work is great. I would give them an A+, and I'd call them in a minute. I've already recommended them.”
“Their work is always very good. They always show up when they say they will, leave everything clean, and deliver what they have promised. I'd give Squeeky Clean Services an A+.”
“It was very positive, and they did a great job. They power washed our deck. The technology they were using seemed different and better than the competitors. They did a very nice job, and everything looked great. They're an A+.”
“The workers knew what they were doing, they were timely, and everything turned out great. I'd give them an A+.”
“Squeeky Clean is wonderful. We'll use them again.”
“It was quick, the gentlemen that were doing it were very nice. And best of all the work that he did fixed everything that I needed. I have not had any additonal work. I would grade them an A+.”
“It was very personable, I feel like I have a personal relationship with the guy who helps to decide on what we are doing and how. They are always on time and on budget, I don't think I have a bad thing to say about them. The first time I asked them to clean the deck and seal the deck. And the second time replace the boards of the deck. And the next time pressure washed the house and sealed all the cracks and painted it and seal the deck. I would grade them an A. I don't know the quality of work, it looks perfectly fine to me but I'm not an expert. I had a little bit of because of the workers when they pressure washed the house, but I didn't have to complain about it, because the owner when he came to check the house he said it was unacceptable and made them come back out and correct it. I'm actually waiting for them to come back with an estimate to do another project.”
“They were here on time and they did a good job. They did the deck on my house, I had no complaints. I would say excellent.”
“They were great, you can give them the highest grades for me.”
“They were good. They were efficient they were fine. I would grade them an A+. I would most likely recommend them.”