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A local company founded in 2002, SolCrete offers decorative concrete services to Dallas/Ft. Worth residential and commercial customers. We stock products from a wide range of brands, including Elite Crete Systems, Surecrete Design Products, Kemiko Concrete Products, Fishstone, BRICKFORM, and Scofield. We offer several warranties based on the service provided.

About Dallas Decorative Concrete Companies

Decorative concrete transforms the look of traditional concrete used for driveways, walkways, floors, and countertops. With decorative details and stains, regular concrete can be customized to satisfy the taste of any homeowner.

Stained or dyed concrete adds warmth and richness to a typical concrete floor. Translucent acid staining is a simple option to add natural tones to concrete floor, but dyeing is also an option for those who want something other than the classic color choices. Floors with slight imperfections—that can’t be covered with stain or dye—can be coated with a thin layer of concrete called a concrete overlay. For a truly unique look, decorative concrete contractors can also cut patterns into the floor that mimic the appearance of tile or stone.

For concrete countertops, homeowners have two options—cast-in-place countertops are fabricated in the homeowner’s home, while precast countertops are fabricated in the contractor’s shop and later installed in the desired location. Cast-in-place countertops are seamless and have a unique appearance from the troweling technique that is used in the process. Precast countertops have the advantage of being ready to use once installed in the homeowner’s home.

Decorative concrete provides homeowners with a highly customizable alternative to traditional granite or stone floors and countertops that is sure to please.