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"In business for 26 years, we pride ourselves on being one of the oldest closet companies in South Florida. We focus on the long term by creating enthusiastic customers who spread the word about our business. This strategy means that we are extremely careful to ensure that our customers are happy with our work."

Kristoffer Nino | CEO
Company Information
Services Offered
JL Closets designs and installs organizational systems for residential closets, wardrobes, laundry rooms, pantries, home offices, entertainment centers, garage storage areas, wine rooms, and mudrooms as well as commercial spaces.
Minimum Job
A minimum of $3,000 is required.
The company offers a one-year warranty on melamine products and a five-year warranty on thermofoil products.
Company History
JL Closets has served the South Florida region since 1991.
The company is a member of the Gold Coast Builders Association and the Latin Builders Association as well as an Industry Partner of the American Society of Interior Designers.
Employee Information
Employees wear uniforms, drive marked vehicles, and undergo background checks.
Areas Served
Miami-Dade County, South Broward County, North Broward County, North Palm Beach County, South Palm Beach County
A selection of 56 homeowner reviews:
“Everything was perfect. They did a big closet, and I was happy with their work. They were professional, and they did a nice job. I'd have to give them an A. I'd recommend them.”
“JL Closets is great. They did a master closet, bathroom closet, and hallway closet. Their customer service was great. I thought they were excellent. I'd give them an A. I already have recommended them.”
“They were excellent. The owner was very easy to deal with, and the staff was very professional. They cleaned everything up, and the job was done right. It was A-quality work.”
“I had a very nice experience with them. They're an A. They were very good. I'd recommend them highly.”
“They're fabulous. I would use JL Closets again.”
“They were wonderful. I'd give them an A+. I've already recommended them.”
“They were courteous, and they were very neat when they put it in. They were very precise with their measurements. When there was a slight problem, they did not shun it, they took care of it immediately, and they just did very nice work. They did two closets, actually three closets. I'd give them an A. I'm very likely to recommend them. They did excellent work.”
“The installer was a perfectionist, so I got exactly what I asked for. And actually, I just referred them to a customer today. They did several closets. I would give them an A. 'dI give them A's across the board for everything. I already did recommend them—today.”
“They did excellent work. I have no complaints. I would recommend them.”
“They were wonderful.”