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Closet Factory provides customers with organizing system design and installation services for almost every area of the home, including garages and closets. We also offer space-saving furniture pieces such as wall beds. We are a member of the American Society of Interior Designers and offer customers a free initial consultation with a designer.

About Boston Closet and Garage Organizing Companies

Home organizing can be a daunting task, especially if the rooms in question aren’t already equipped with the shelving and storage racks and bins that make the project easier. A Best Pick professional organizing consultant will be able to assess the space and make recommendations for home storage solutions that will bring order and maximum functionality to a cluttered room.

Every year, the dedicated team at EBSCO Research qualifies companies to be a Best Pick based on thousands of customer reviews. All Best Pick companies must receive an average A rating from their recent customers in order to qualify, and EBSCO also verifies that they carry all the necessary licenses and insurance. Because of this, we feel confident that Best Pick closet and garage organizers can transform a disorderly space with skill, professionalism, and beautiful end results.

Customized Storage Solutions

The majority of Boston’s residential real estate was built in the 80s, and homes from that era tend to feature smaller closets, pantries, and other storage rooms that today’s homeowners may find inadequate. If this is the case with your home, a Best Pick home organization expert can help.

Organization consultants typically come to your home to see the space firsthand, take measurements, and get to know you and your priorities for the redesign. We recommend capitalizing on this time to ensure you get the results you’re looking for. Have a budget in mind before the consultation, and be specific in your requests and aesthetic preferences. For example, if you have several bulky winter coats that you want access to in your master closet, let your designer know he or she should allow space for them.

Closet and Garage Organization

Closet storage systems can be manufactured in different materials and finishes to complement your home’s decor, and high-end systems can be customized to accommodate your individual storage requirements, such as additional racks or shelving for an extensive shoe or handbag collection. Whereas prefabricated closet organizers and shelf units come in universal designs and won’t always fit your space or your storage requirements, consulting a professional organizer will allow you the freedom to create a custom closet tailored specifically to your needs.

Garage organizing solutions are also customizable based on your storage needs—for a tool collection, a tangle of sports equipment, or a little bit of everything—and how you use or how you envision using the space. Your garage has the potential to serve a purpose other than keeping cars and equipment out of the elements: it can double as a workshop, home gym, art studio—the list goes on! With a professional organizer to take care of the clutter, how to utilize the extra space is entirely up to you.

Hire a Best Pick Home Organization Expert

Beyond closets and garages, professional home organizing companies can bring order to almost any room in the house. If you need a storage solution for your laundry room, home office, attic, or another clutter-prone space, contact a Best Pick professional organizing company today to take the first step toward a more organized home.