Homeowners looking to hire a chimney sweep company have plenty of options to choose from, but it can be difficult to tell what distinguishes one chimney sweep from another. Chimney sweeps join the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG) to show that they are willing to hold themselves to high standards and stay informed about what’s happening in the industry. Read on for more about what sets NCSG members apart.

What Is the National Chimney Sweep Guild?

What Is the National Chimney Sweep Guild

The National Chimney Sweep Guild was founded in order to provide chimney sweep companies with up-to-date technical and safety information, training, and discounts on industry equipment and to facilitate communication between professionals in the chimney sweep industry. Association with the NCSG helps companies demonstrate their willingness to hold their businesses to a set of nationally recognized ethical and professional standards and their commitment to keeping abreast of the latest industry developments.

What Does It Mean to Be a Member?

Companies that join the guild agree to abide by the NCSG’s Code of Ethics, which states in part that members must:

  • Behave in a professional manner, whether performing chimney sweep work or attending an industry function

  • Proactively keep themselves informed of new chimney sweep industry developments, techniques, and skills

  • Conduct business honestly and ethically

What Does It Mean to Be a Member

NCSG members receive discounts on new products and safety training. Guild members also receive reduced rates on classes and programs necessary to earn credentials from the Chimney Sweep Institute of America, an educational organization promoting chimney safety.

In addition, the NCSG provides members with access to a discussion list, magazine, and monthly newsletter, putting them in touch with current information and input from industry professionals. The guild also fosters the exchange of information between members by providing access to a membership directory and to a Technical Advisory Council.

Many Best Pick chimney sweep contractors are National Chimney Sweep Guild members who have chosen to hold themselves to high standards and to keep informed of the latest techniques.  While all Best Pick chimney sweeps have demonstrated a commitment to excellence, membership in the NCSG affords a number of benefits to contractors and homeowners alike.

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