As the chill of winter sets in, the warm days of summer seem like a distant memory. Thicker blankets are pulled from the closet; the coffeemaker works overtime to deliver steamy, warm, delicious brew; and the heat is turned on to rid the house of the nippy air. 

Battling the harsh temperatures of winter can be tough, but if you properly winterize your home beforehand, you can save yourself from shivering too much over the next few months.

So what exactly does winterizing involve? Winterizing encompasses a range of tasks that are simply geared toward preparing for the winter. 

Proper preparation not only keeps the cold out, but it also protects your home from possible harm due to harsh temperatures, along with freezing rain, snow, and sleet. Below are some motivating reasons for winterizing your home and safeguarding your house from the effects of the season:

Save Energy, Save Money

A large part of the winterizing process involves insulating your home against the cold. By simply sealing your home properly and protecting it from air leaks, you will use less energy to heat your home, which of course equals savings on utility bills.

Prevent Unnecessary Repairs

Regular maintenance is a great way to safeguard your home from unexpected problems. Before the temperature drops too low, having a professional examine your HVAC system will help keep your furnace running throughout the winter. 

It’s also important to have a professional inspect other things in your home that you may not have used during the warmer months, such as your chimney and fireplace because there could be hidden issues that may cause problems down the road.

Secure Your Home From Potential Disasters

Winterizing your home helps to defend it against potential damage from freezing temperatures, snow, and ice. The outside of your home is especially important to winterize since it’s completely exposed to the elements. 

Preparing your home will help to minimize or even eliminate any damage your home could suffer during a harsh winter.

Winterizing provides protection for your home, preventing costly repairs and high energy bills. 

To find out how you can prepare your home for the winter, return to our blog later this week for a home winterizing checklist.

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