Smoking inside can have many negative effects on your home and your furnishings. This practice leaves smells, stains, and other maladies that can be difficult to remedy, especially if left untreated for long periods of time.


Cigarette smoke can leave an unpleasant smell in all rooms of a house, not just the one where someone has smoked. According to the American Lung Association, cigarettes contain over 7,000 chemicals that not even the most resilient of air-purifying plants can remove from your home. The chemicals that smoking emits all linger in the air, on the furniture, and even on electronic outlets and devices, harming residents, guests, and pets in the home.


cigarette burn holes on yellow and white fabricCigarettes are known to stain teeth yellow, and smoking inside can have a similar effect on your walls and furniture. Over time, this buildup will result in a need for a fresh coat of paint, new furniture, and new flooring—especially if you are looking to sell your home. Smoking indoors also increases the risk of accidentally creating cigarette burns, particularly on carpets or cloth furniture. So not only will you need to get rid of the smell, which is a difficult task to begin with, but you will also need to replace your flooring. Sustaining these costs in addition to the general expenses of maintaining a home is definitely not where a homeowner wants to spend his or her hard-earned dollars. Smoking at home causes issues that will probably need to be professionally fixed rather than trying to remove the stains yourself.

Decreasing the Value

living room in grayscaleMany people are sensitive to lingering smells even after the house has been cleaned. People are less likely to buy a house if they have children or pets that may be negatively affected. If you’re renting a home, smoking inside often breaks the terms of the lease, so hefty fines may be applied before you can move out. If these problems remain unaddressed, the long-lasting effects will decrease the value of your home. Aside from the odors and stains, smoking consequences can include buildup on your home’s air filters, which can harm your air conditioning unit to the point of needing to replace it if the filters are not properly maintained.

Smoking inside isn’t just bad for your health—it’s bad for your home’s health. Not only do these factors contribute to your experience as a homeowner, but they should also be determining factors as a home buyer. If you wouldn’t want to live in a home with odors and stains from smoking, chances are others won’t want to either.

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