As we approach the year’s end at last, it’s finally Turkey Day again—a day that, despite its appetite-arousing nickname, is about much more than stuffing, cranberry sauce, and tactful dinner conversation. Today, millions of Americans are preparing to come together with loved ones and reflect on the gifts that the year has given them, and at Best Pick Reports, we are proud to say that we have plenty to be thankful for. In the giving spirit of the holidays, we’d like to share with you a few of the reasons that our team is thankful today.

Our People

Best Pick Reports gives back to the community with Trees AtlantaEBSCO Industries, our parent company, is a principled, family-owned organization that provides tremendous support for its employees, the community, and its individual business units. We are grateful to be part of such a supportive, cooperative, and inclusive company. Every member of our diverse team at Best Pick Reports is united toward the common goal of providing a meaningful, high-quality service to homeowners, and we are thankful for the dedicated individuals whose commitment to consistent high performance has allowed us to achieve that goal.

“I think everything begins with our people. The Best Pick Reports team is an awesome example of a team committed to a culture of performance through cooperation, collaboration, and a customer-first philosophy.” – Greg Robb | General Manager

“I am thankful for my hardworking, dedicated transcription staff. They work tirelessly to ensure that their duties are done quickly without sacrificing quality, and they’re always ready to learn the new processes that we implement. I’m proud to be their coordinator.” – Teija Johanson | Transcription Coordinator

Our Process

Our thorough research process puts every member of our team in contact with the data we use to evaluate home service companies. Every year, we all work together to ensure that the companies we recommend—Best Picks—have consistently demonstrated excellence. We are thankful for those companies who strive for top-quality performance and total customer satisfaction year after year.

We have grown steadily over the years and currently offer Best Pick recommendations in eight major cities across the US. We are glad to be part of a company that carries out its mission with integrity and provides valuable information to homeowners all over the nation.

“Each Best Pick Reports employee touches our research in some way, which contributes to our truly special collaborative culture. Our research-based methodology provides a meaningful, value-added service to homeowners, and I’ve been thankful to have Best Pick Reports to look to when hiring contractors to use at my own home.” – Laura Mangum | Director of Operations

Our Product

A Best Pick Reports employee helps create our publicationWalt and Mary Beth Jenkins founded Best Pick Reports (formerly known as Home Reports) in 1997 to provide an objective, trustworthy publication promoting high-performing contractors. The Best Pick Reports publication is one of a kind, and since our founding, every member of our team has continued to work hard to deliver a well-crafted, high-quality guide that connects homeowners with first-rate contractors. We are all thankful to work with a team so committed to creating a publication that we can be proud of.

“Each person and each team at Best Pick Reports is dedicated to the highest quality, from the companies we recommend down to every word we write on our home improvement blog. I am thankful to be part of an engaging and passionate group of people who all believe in helping homeowners with our products.” – Lauren Barron | Production Manager

Last but not least, we are thankful for your continued patronage, and we look forward to another great year of serving you. We hope our work has given you one more thing to be thankful for.