Wall space provides great potential for personalizing your home. Many homeowners choose to showcase their individuality through paint color choices and artwork, but a great alternative is storage. Make your walls do double-duty by utilizing the space in stylish and functional ways.

Built-in shelving is a great way to maximize the space in your walls. They add beauty and value to your home and create a large amount of extra surface space for you with minimal impact to the spaciousness of your room. They can be incorporated into your existing home’s aesthetic by extending crown molding and baseboards along the top and bottom of the shelving unit, and they can also be custom built to suit any purpose, whether it’s for a home library or an entertainment system.

Pegboards and hooks are a fantastic way to increase your wall storage space, particularly in workshops, garages, and narrow spaces like a coat closet. Pegboards are designed in grid patterns, making it very easy to neatly organize tools and supplies. Hooks provide ample space to hang items, keeping them off floors and surfaces.

Floating shelves are versatile and stylish, and they can be installed just about anywhere you have some spare wall space. They may or may not support a lot of weight depending on their style and installation, but they can be used to display photos and small items or hold a small collection of favorite books.

In-wall niches are small shelves built into the space between two studs. They only go as deep as the studs, so they can be put almost anywhere, and while narrow, they can be placed strategically to keep items out of the way but close at hand. For example, building one near the stove would create a conveniently accessible space for spices, oils, and other frequently used cooking supplies. They can be closed in with a cabinet door or left open as display niches, depending on their chosen function.

Pocket doors are fantastic for small units like condos and apartments, where space is at a premium. Instead of swinging open, a pocket door slides into the wall and vanishes completely from view, leaving walkways free of obstruction. This is accomplished with sliding fixtures built into the wall itself and can be done for any doorway that has enough free space inside the wall to its side.

There are many ways to get more out of your wall space. With a bit of creativity, your walls can go from flat space to additional storage space, helping to reduce clutter and keep things organized. In addition, it can add visual appeal to a part of your home that may have previously been missing something.

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