Designing your home can be a daunting task. One way interior designers simplify the process is by choosing a major theme that can be used in specific rooms or throughout the entire home. Interior design themes make it easier to know what you’re looking for, and they also help tie everything together, resulting in a more polished look overall.

5 Common Interior Design Styles

  1. Classic. Classic interior design styles tend to be more traditional. If you love antiques and floral patterns, then this style is for you. It’s not uncommon for classic styles to exist throughout an entire home in the form of arches and columns derivative of Greek and Roman styles. Classic interior design is all about symmetry, restraint, and lighter, warmer colors.

  2. open floor cabin bedroom design with fireplaceRustic. Also known as country, rustic design incorporates the outside world within. The use of natural elements, like wood or stone, along with rough finishes and natural, floral, plaid, or striped upholstery creates an ambience ideal for rural cabins and homes.

  3. Modern. If you’re anti-clutter and prefer clean lines and simple design, a more modern style might be your best option. With function prioritized over form, modern furniture and storage pieces are designed with use and clean aesthetics in mind. Modern style prizes simplicity, geometric shapes, and clean surfaces above all else.

  4. Industrial. Sometimes referred to as urban, modern industrial interior design places the focus on repurposing old spaces and objects for new uses. Industrial design features open spaces—often in converted buildings like warehouses—and takes advantage of exposed structural materials, such as brick, steel, wood, and copper.

  5. child's room with nautical themed decorNautical. When you think nautical, you probably think of somewhere near the water, but don’t let your location limit your style options. Color-wise, use white or sand as the base along with your favorite shade of blue. When in doubt, use the 60-30-10 color rule. Seashells, ropes, oars, and maps work great as accents.

With these different design styles in mind, you can begin to cultivate a style that works for you. If you’re still unsure of where to start, learn more about picking the right decor for your home.