To announce the 2012 arrival of our Home Reports and Best Pick Reports publications in metros around the country (including Atlanta, Chicago, Maryland, DC, Northern Virginia, Houston, and Dallas), as well as the introduction of our Best Pick mobile app, we at EBSCO Research are bringing our blog service to even more metros. EBSCO Research’s Vice President and General Manager Greg Robb weighs in on the exciting happenings:

Lauren Zink: What can you tell us about EBSCO Research’s blog?

Greg Robb: Our blog will bring you up-to-date information on how to best care for your home—whether that calls for a simple do-it-yourself project or a more complicated task requiring an expert’s touch. We initially released a trial version of the blog in our home market of Atlanta in December of last year. Now that we have developed a working model, we are ready to extend it to all of the metros we serve. 

Our blog represents one of the ways we’re increasing our services to better assist homeowners. It is intended to be a regular source of valuable information, with weekly insights on home services, home maintenance, and home ownership in general. We will work directly with our Best Pick companies to provide relevant, objective, and helpful information. As a regular reader, you can also expect to find seasonal maintenance recommendations, tips for diagnosing common problems, and other relevant consumer-related advice.

Lauren: How is the new app helpful to homeowners?

Greg: Our new app—designed as a full-service, on-the-go option for homeowners—represents another exciting extension of our services. You will no longer have to search for a paper copy of our report or be near a computer; instead, you’ll have everything needed to find a local Best Pick contractor right at your fingertips. You can search by either location or category to find the company that’s right for your situation; plus, you can call or email them directly from your phone. 

The published information within the app is continuously refreshed, so you’re always looking at the most updated EBSCO Research recommendations. Our free app is already available on the iPhone, and it will launch on the Android market this month. You can also download it to your Apple or Android tablet.

Lauren: Are there any other announcements you’d like to make?

Greg: Yes! We are bringing our publication to Birmingham and South Atlanta homeowners late this spring and are planning to expand to even more markets in 2013. As we grow, we are afforded new opportunities to broaden our service offerings in both new and existing metros. 

We are also in the process of updating and renovating our website, which now supports web-only categories; please check back to find a new and improved look as well as additional company reviews. Thanks to feedback from our loyal readers, we are able to continually improve our services to better help homeowners choose top-quality home service providers.