Moving is no one’s idea of a fun time. In addition to all the work involved, it can be an emotionally trying experience, often requiring us to say goodbye to the people and places we’ve grown attached to. For some, this includes the plants we’ve nurtured and cared for over a number of years. But if you can’t bear to bid farewell to your plants, the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA) offers some useful information that can help to ensure your plants have the very best chance of surviving the move and thriving at your new home.

couple loading moving truck with boxes and plantThe American Moving & Storage Association aims to “represent the interest of the domestic and international moving and storage industry and to help the customers it serves.” As the country’s foremost trade association for professional movers, the organization seeks to “support effective government regulations and policies that protect consumers while allowing members to provide quality service at compensatory prices.” Additionally, AMSA works to ensure that consumers are educated and informed. In this article, you’ll learn such useful information as how and when to water your plants during plant moving, what temperatures and lighting conditions are best suited for plant transport, how to transport plants by using cuttings of your favorite houseplants, and even the role that state and federal laws play in regulating moving plants. READ MORE

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