When planning to add a fence to your yard, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and feel like all fences basically look the same. Nevertheless, there is an abundance of custom fencing options to choose from—from materials to colors to fence accessories. If you’re lacking inspiration for your next fence project, consider the following creative fence ideas.

1. Paint a Plain Wood Fence a Bright Color

Since wood is one of the most common fencing materials, there is no shortage of wood fence design ideas. However, wood fences sometimes just blend in—especially if they’re a neighborhood favorite. If you love the classic appeal of wood fencing but hate that it’s so commonplace, paint your wood fence a striking color or try a nontraditional design approach. Just make sure it coordinates with the rest of your home’s exterior.

2. Build a Stone or Rock Retaining Wall

Opt for a stone or brick wall instead of a fence, or construct a gabion fence, which is essentially just wire casing filled with rocks or stone. Stone walls are extremely durable and tend to look natural in any setting; they can easily be designed to convey elegance, charm, and many other qualities.

3. Try a Glass Fence

Fences made out of glass panels work exceptionally well if your goal is to keep the wind out of a space without cutting it off from the rest of the yard—around a fire pit area, for instance. If you like the look of glass but desire privacy, use opaque glass, or if you want your fence to literally disappear into the landscape, look into getting a mirror fence.

4. Consider Hobby Fencing

Build a fence with non-fence materials. This works particularly well for a fence surrounding a business because it can incorporate relevant objects. All you need is creativity. Fences have been constructed from items such as skis, bikes, shutters, doors, windows, wood posts designed to look like colored pencils or piano keys, and aquariums containing real fish.

5. Attach Planters

floral baskets on fence posts along pathAdd some color to your fence by hanging planters from it and filling them with your favorite flowers. Traditional planter ideas include window boxes, hanging flower baskets, trellises, and latticework, but planters can be made from pretty much anything capable of holding dirt and flowers. For example, use buckets, tin cans, hanging shoe organizers, or even rain boots for a touch of whimsy.

6. Make a Grand Entrance

If you want to differentiate an otherwise simple fence, go with an eye-catching gate. In fact, a custom gate is a fantastic way to add personality to your landscape. Consider options such as an arbor gate, a statement gate attached to the fence with columns, or a wrought-iron driveway gate.
With a little ingenuity, anyone can have a fence that doesn’t look like every other fence on the block. If you’re ready to build your custom fence or if you would like fence design ideas that are tailored to your particular landscape, contact a local Best Pick fence company.

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