Earlier last week, part three of The Ultimate Moving Checklist suggested some tips on how to stay on top of your moving to-do list a month before the big day. For an idea of what needs to get done three weeks before moving, take a look at the list below.

3 Weeks Before the Move…

  • Double-check that transportation information and dates are coordinated correctly. Contact your moving company to make sure you haven’t been double-booked, and reconfirm travel plans with any family members who are helping you move.

  • Ask your newspaper distributor to cancel your service before you move out, and arrange for service at your new home.

  • If your move is going to involve a long drive, make an appointment to have your car tuned up before you leave. Gather your auto maintenance records together, and remember to transfer your registration if you need to.

  • Call a locksmith and arrange to have the locks changed at your new residence on the day you move in.

  • Make an appointment with a housecleaning service to have your new home cleaned before moving day. You may also want to have your old house straightened up after the move.

  • Family Moving Boxes

    Begin packing in earnest, starting with items that are normally kept in storage. Remember not to put too many heavy items in the same box so that no single box becomes too unwieldy—it may be helpful to pack heavier items in smaller boxes and save lighter items, like pillows, for larger boxes. Reinforce the bottoms of your moving boxes with packing tape.

  • Figure out how you’ll be transporting any valuables you don’t want to pack, such as important documents or family heirlooms.

  • Familiarize your moving company with the system you’ll be using to decide which boxes should go in each room of your new home.

For more ideas on how to keep your moving timeline on track, check out part five of The Ultimate Moving Checklist later this week.

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