The moving process can be hectic even early on, and when moving day is only one week away, staying on top of of everything that needs to be done is more important than ever. Using a checklist to manage moving tasks can help you stay organized and in control during even the most turbulent stage of the moving process. Take a look at the following list for some ideas on what to focus on when your move is only a week away.

1 Week Before The Move…

  • Figure out how meals will be handled once your fridge has been emptied and dishes have been packed.

  • Disconnect your computers and anything hooked up to them, and make copies of all your hard drives. It’s a good idea to take these with you rather than having them transported with the rest of your things—that way, they’re less likely to be damaged.

  • Double-check all your arrangements. Confirm your moving date one last time with the moving company, get in touch with your real estate agent to reconfirm your move-in and closing dates, and contact the storage company to reconfirm how long you’ll need space. Talk with your moving company about any special arrangements you might need to make for items such as large antiques or musical instruments.

  • Clear out any lockers you’re using at your old gym or workplace.

  • Have a backup plan ready in the event that the move takes longer than you expect.

  • Reconfirm how and where you’ll be storing your small valuable items during the move.

  • Happy Couple Moving

    Make sure that you’ve packed everything—leaving packing until the last minute can make moving day incredibly stressful. While you don’t want to leave out more items than you can take with you, set aside things you’ll need for the week ahead, such as clothing and personal hygiene items.

  • Dispose of toxic or flammable items that cannot be moved, such as paint, weed killer, propane, and even bleach.

  • You may want to make an information sheet for your moving company that includes your current address, the address you’re moving to, directions, and a way to get in touch with you.

  • Reconfirm that all subscriptions and deliveries have either been canceled or transferred to your new address.

For helpful tips on how to ensure that the big day itself goes as smoothly as possible, check back later this week for part seven of The Ultimate Moving Checklist.

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