With 2016 nearly behind us, we’re happy to look back on the progress and innovations we’ve made to improve your experience with Best Pick Reports, and we are proud to have brought you another year’s worth of helpful and informative content. There’s plenty more of that to come in 2017, but for now, we’d like to ring in the New Year with a countdown of our top 10 articles of the year.

Number 10Top 5 Weekend Home Improvement Projects

If you’re in a creative mood and you have the weekend all to yourself, take a look at these easy home improvement projects and see what strikes your fancy—your home might come out of that “lazy” weekend with a new look.

Number 9Outdoor Entertaining Tips for Cool Weather

Winter doesn’t have to mean keeping the party indoors. Check out our tips and advice for hosting outdoors during the cooler months.

Number 8How to Give Your Mailbox a Makeover

Your mailbox may not be your home’s most impressive feature, but it’s the first one that potential buyers will see. Overhauling your mailbox can help increase your curb appeal and add style to your home. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Number 7Let the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) Blow You Away

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association offers air duct cleaning professionals a chance to keep up with the newest technology in the industry and demonstrate their commitment to providing thorough, reliable maintenance. Want to know more? Our article can help you find out.

Number 6Inexpensive Party Photo Booth Ideas

When summer rolls around, consider taking advantage of your outdoor living space and setting up a photo booth. Find out more about how to add this fun and unique activity to your party agenda.

Number 54 Benefits of Using a Dehumidifier

Nobody likes swimming through the humid air of a hot summer afternoon, but dehumidifiers can offer far more than just a respite from constant stickiness.

Number 4Don’t Knock These Interior Custom Door Ideas!

Giving your interior doors a facelift is an easy but effective way to breathe life into a dull interior design. We’ve put together a list of ideas for you to keep in mind if you’re thinking of sprucing up your doors.

Number 3Light Up the Night with Tiki Torches

Add some flair—or flare—to any outdoor party with tiki torches. This post shows you which kinds of torches to use and where to install them to add a captivating touch to your outdoor event.

Number 210 Famous Gardens Around the World

Looking for gardening or landscape design inspiration? Look no further than this guide to ten of the most famous gardens in the world. Just try not to take too much inspiration from Alnwick’s Poison Garden.

Number 1Is Best Pick Reports Legitimate?

Any savvy homeowner knows how important it is to do your homework before deciding to trust a company, and we couldn’t agree more. Whether you’re making sure you have all the facts before you call one of our contractors, or you’re just curious about who we are and what we do, read on to find out how our research makes it easier for you to find a company you can trust.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading and sharing these articles as much as we’ve enjoyed being able to offer them to you. Over the coming year, we look forward to offering you even more valuable information about every aspect of home repair from winter home maintenance to summer décor. Thank you for helping make 2016 another great year for Best Pick Reports.