If you’ve ever wanted to live in a castle or mansion that rivals the Addams family’s home in terms of hidden rooms and secret passageways, you’re not alone—secret doors are in high demand in the home-buying market. Read on for the coolest hidden door ideas so you’ll have a secret room to hide in when the monsters come out to play this Halloween.

Bookshelf Door

The most popular hidden door designs make use of bookshelves. Since most bookshelves have solid, opaque backs that are designed to be located against a wall, there’s only the slimmest chance that anyone is going to wonder whether your bookshelf is also an entrance to a secret room. Building and installing your own bookcase door is certainly not for the faint-hearted DIYer, but it's not a terribly difficult project if you have the right tools and know-how. Alternatively, you could apply secret door designs to other, similar pieces of furniture, like a dresser, a wardrobe, or a chest of drawers.

Mirror or Picture Frame Door

A large mirror or piece of wall art could conceal a door, and your guests—or even members of your own family not in on the secret—would be none the wiser. If you don’t want to sacrifice that much wall space, a secret safe, vault, or other hiding place for your valuables could be put behind smaller pieces. Another option is to turn the back of an unused fireplace into a hidden opening.

Wall Door

open door that blends into the surrounding brick wallDo you have an empty wall that you’ve struggled to make look not quite so empty? Consider turning it into a hidden door! If you have a wall under your stairway and wish to channel your inner wizard, have a secret room built under the stairs. While we wouldn’t recommend making anyone sleep there, a space of that size could easily be converted to a wine cellar, a small library, or even just hidden storage space. If you have a blank wall that could be a doorway to a larger area, the potential is endless—a game room, a top-secret office, a playroom the kids can keep messy, a hidden guest (or master!) suite, a secret garden, a dressing room, etc.

Stairs as a Door

If you’d like the wall under your staircase to remain a mere wall, you could still make use of the space under the stairs—just turn the stairs themselves into an entrance! No one will expect your stairs to double as a secret hatch, although this project may require some creativity to hide the hinges.

Door in the Floor

trapdoor in wood floorIf you don’t have the space for any of the previous hidden door ideas but have some available room underneath your home (or underground outside), you could go the traditional route and put in a trapdoor. Just make sure it actually blends in with the surrounding floor or ground.

Secret doors aren’t just for historic buildings and creepy mansions anymore. With a little creativity and the right set of skills, you can create a hideaway for valuables or a secret place just for you and those in the know. Nevertheless, it’s best to leave larger hidden room projects to the professionals, so if that’s what you have in mind, look for a Best Pick home remodeling company that can build hidden spaces.