Rainy summer days can throw a wrench in your plans, but these craft ideas for kids can help make rainy days a breeze. They’re great summer crafts in general, but they can really save the day when you have to stay indoors.

little girl using paintbrush to paint watercolor paints

Homemade Watercolor Paint

If you’re tired of store-bought watercolor paints or interested in something new, try making your own. Your kids will enjoy making their own paints and seeing what they look like on paper. If you’re planning on painting any of your walls in the near future, you could also let your kids go crazy with finger paint on the walls.

toothpick and marshmallow structure

Toothpick-and-Marshmallow Construction

All you need are toothpicks and marshmallows for this craft. Provide your children with the tools and see what they create.

child holds origami fish


You don’t have to be an expert to create origami with your kids. There are plenty of origami designs the whole family can enjoy.

marbles covered in paint on white paper

Painting With Marbles

If your children are tired of using paintbrushes, let them paint with marbles. You will need paint, paper, marbles, and a baking dish with sides.

paper fortune teller


Teach your children to fold this classic favorite, and let them fill in the rest. They’ll have fun reading their futures and will have something to share with friends.

dad and son building cardboard box car

Cardboard Box Cars

Get creative with that cardboard box you were planning to throw away. Cut it strategically to create a car your children can wear, or simply let them draw their own cars on the box. Either way, this homemade box car can provide hours of fun.

The summer fun doesn’t have to stop when the rain starts. Use these ideas to keep your kids entertained on rainy summer days.

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