If your least favorite chore is laundry, maybe it’s time to change that perspective. These utility room ideas will have you enjoying laundry (a little) more than ever before.

DIY Laundry Cleaners

natural laundry detergent ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, and lemonIf you’re looking to minimize allergic reactions to harsh smells and chemicals in detergents, or just trying to be more eco-friendly, make your own detergent, fabric softener, and starch

Homemade detergents utilize basic bar soap, washing soda, and borax—all products that fall under ten dollars apiece. The fabric softener uses vinegar, which won’t decrease the life of your clothes. A homemade starch eliminates a large part of the need to go to the dry cleaner. 

All in all, these DIY solutions will save your time, money, and clothes. When you’re done making them, just set them on your laundry room shelves. If you’re looking for more shelf space, you can make that yourself, too.

Hanging Rod for Clothes

If you need more space to hang up clothes after they’ve been washed, add a hanging rod. This particular rod was made with pipes, but you could also use wood or another material. The use of metal piping for decorative yet functional shelving and even handrails is an emerging trend, and depending on how much pipe you want to use, it can be extremely affordable. Adding a hanging rod can also make use of space that might be unutilized in an awkward laundry room layout.

Handheld Steamer

Have some delicate clothing? A steamer will clean the clothing and remove wrinkles from the piece without damaging it. Do you have allergies to chemicals in laundry cleaners? A steamer doesn’t use any chemicals. Long story short, steamers are effective, easy to store, and can keep your clothing lively. If you like the idea of steamers but need something that can steam more than a couple pieces of clothing at a time, there are larger steamers available.

Ironing Board

closeup of woman's hand ironingThe advancement of technology does not exclude ironing boards; they now come in a variety of types, with varying lengths, tapers, and covers. Larger ironing boards are particularly useful for removing wrinkles from tablecloths and other large pieces.

To protect your clothes and the board itself, avoid synthetic covers that could stick to the iron or your clothes in favor of cotton covers. There are plenty of cover patterns to choose from that will spice up this normally mundane task. The board can be attached to a counter for easy storage and use, or a full-sized ironing board can be hung on the door.

Folding Table

Whether it’s a full-sized table, a foldaway table, or a small surface with some extra storage, a space to fold laundry and place baskets eliminates the problem of having clothes laying all over the house. It will also prevent clean clothes from needing to be washed again if the kids learn that the table is the location for clean clothes to be folded. When not being used for folding, the table can serve as a crafts or reading table.

Laundry might not be your favorite chore, but using laundry room accessories as a way to increase the functionality of the room will make the time you spend there less tedious. Start outlining your laundry room plans today with these ideas and accessories.