Now that swimming pool season is in full swing, you might be wondering how to ensure that your pool is in the hands of the best pool maintenance contractors around. The National Swimming Pool Foundation offers an internationally recognized standard of training for swimming pool professionals, and individuals who earn their Certified Pool Operator Certification have shown that they are proactive in keeping up with these widely known and reputable standards.

Certified Pool Operator Certification

Certified Pool Operator Certification

The National Swimming Pool Foundation offers swimming pool professionals the opportunity to earn the internationally recognized Certified Pool Operator Certification, which shows that a contractor has been trained by the National Swimming Pool Foundation in the skills and techniques necessary to maintain and operate swimming pools.

To earn the Certified Pool Operator Certification, swimming pool professionals must attend classes that cover a range of pool maintenance topics, such as pool chemistry, testing, treatment, chlorine feeding equipment, and government regulations. Individuals applying for certification must take an exam at the end of the training period, and their certification remains valid for five years, after which it must be renewed in order to stay valid.

Contractors who have earned a Certified Pool Operator Certification from the National Swimming Pool Foundation have proven that they are willing and able to hold themselves to standards that are recognized by many homeowners and pool industries worldwide.

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