As the weather heats up, most homeowners want to relax with friends and family. However, be sure to set aside some time this season to maintain your home, which can save you from headaches and disarray down the road.

Let EBSCO Research be your go-to reference for summer home care. Our essential interior summer home maintenance guide is a great place to start, but you can also read on to find links to a range of in-depth articles featuring advice from industry experts.

Cooling Your Home

Hot summers can strain your HVAC system, particularly when it’s not up-to-date on maintenance. The following list includes some other parts of HVAC maintenance you won’t want to overlook this year:

Maintaining Your Pool

Does your family own a swimming pool? If so, make sure you’ve performed your seasonal swimming pool maintenance before slipping into a crystal blue pool to escape the blistering heat. If you’re considering building a pool, note that pools require routine care, from chemical testing to skimming and filter cleaning, in order to function at their best.

Keep in mind that certain municipalities require safeguards, such as pool covers for the winter and perimeter fences with self-closing gates that open outward—away from the pool—rather than in toward the pool. Review our blog on pool safety, which features advice and expert tips from a Best Pick pool company, to make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep your family and friends safe.

Caring for Your Trees

From raging thunderstorms to painful droughts, summertime can wreak havoc on your trees. Thankfully, EBSCO Research has compiled expert tips for caring for your trees during the summer months. The following are some additional areas to research:

  • Drought. When temperatures rise, trees need water to stay healthy. The summer rain cycle can usually satisfy a tree’s thirst for water, but during a drought, supplemental water may be needed. Read our guide to tree watering to find out how much and how often to water your trees.

  • Storm damage. If you notice tree damage after a storm, seek professional tree care as soon as possible. While a tree professional may be able to save your tree, sometimes removal is required. Check out our essential tree removal tips article to read up on what you should know before removing a tree.

Tending to Your Yard

If you haven’t already dusted off the lawn mower, do it quick. Grass will maintain healthy growth when mowed frequently. For other tips like this, check out our complete overview of grass-cutting practices that promote a healthy, green lawn.

Applying mulch around trees, shrubs, and plants can help regulate soil temperature and retain moisture during the hot summer months. Not sure how much or what kind of mulch to use? We’ve put together the best practices for mulching.

Your municipality may restrict water usage during the summer, but even if there are no limits on your water usage, it’s best for the environment to conserve whenever possible. Read our guide on how to conserve water in your landscaping.

Don’t let these summer maintenance tasks keep you from fully enjoying the warmer months. You can designate a few weekends for checking these items off your list, but always consider hiring a professional when time is precious. A quality home service contractor can take the worry and effort out of maintaining your home.

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Sources: EBSCO Research blog.

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