Last week, we touched on some quick and effective ways to give the inside of your home a bright, new spring look. Don’t forget to spruce up your outdoor living space, too! Here are some easy patio decorating ideas to help give the exterior of your home a fresh, breezy look for the spring.

Light Up the Outdoors

Light up the outdoorsInstalling lighting around your patio or front porch is a great way to liven up your outdoor living areas just in time to start entertaining guests outside. Consider winding a string of lights around any railings that fence in your outdoor spaces, installing freestanding lamps, or even hanging lamps or lanterns if your porch or patio is covered.

Keep It Covered

By using freestanding, drop-cloth curtains to accent and define your patio area, you can add a lot of bright spring color while keeping things breezy and blocking any harsh sunlight. Adding a rug under your outdoor furniture can also help to add definition, class, and maybe even a bold and fun summer pattern.

Mix Up Your Seating

Mix up your seatingGive your chairs some spring flair by adding brightly colored or floral-patterned seat cushions to your outdoor chairs. You may also want to think about adding a few large pillows to the seating area; these can give your chairs some fun accessories or even provide guests with casual, quirky seating arrangements.

Bring the Garden to You

Even outdoor seating areas can benefit from a green touch. You can liven up your patio for spring by growing a few varieties of flowers in nearby planters and using them as accents or even centerpieces for your outdoor dining table. When choosing which flowers you want to grow, think about which plants are in season and whether or not your selection will smell nice. You may even want to plant natural insect repellents like marigolds, catnip, and citronella to help keep away pesky insects. Getting your home ready for spring doesn’t have to be a time-consuming process. With a little extra color and a lighter atmosphere, you can enjoy an easy-to-maintain spring aesthetic all season long.

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