A bathroom renovation can be a significant expense—second only to the kitchen. Even if you would rather rip the entire bathroom out and start anew, a huge remodel isn’t always in the budget. Before you give up on a recently redesigned bathroom, one or more of the following tips may bring some fresh life to your space.

Paint a new shade. Paint can instantly breathe life into a room, but before you pick up a brush, think about what theme you would like in your bathroom. Some homeowners desire a peaceful, spa-like atmosphere, while others might prefer a bathroom with glamour and pizzazz. Pick a color that will tie together the theme you want.

Think beyond the walls of your bathroom and consider adding a fresh coat of paint to your vanity. You can also replace or refurbish the handles to bring additional character to the cabinet doors.

Update your toilet. Replacing the toilet should not be necessary for homeowners in a newer home, but older homes could benefit from an update. Check your current toilet to see if it has a 1.6-gallon tank. Older models often use five- to seven-gallon tanks, which are now outdated and don’t fit within the nationally mandated standard. Before buying a new model, measure the area where the toilet will be placed to make sure it will fit. If you choose a toilet larger than your existing one, determine if it will allow you to sit comfortably in that area. Currently, you can choose from five different models: gravity, power-assist, pressure-assist, vacuum-assist, and dual-flush. Each model has its own benefits, so research your options before making a purchase.

Update your fixtures. Something as simple as changing the fixtures—installing a new showerhead, replacing the faucet on your sink, or changing the towel rack—could bring an updated look to your bathroom. Transform your bathroom with quality fixtures, which you can find in many styles, shapes, and finishes. Your fixtures will depend on the type of bathroom you have. You can restore the current fixtures or replace them with new ones. If you have any fixtures that aren’t working properly, this could also be a good time to replace them with functioning parts.

Add decor. Another way to tie in the theme of your bathroom is to incorporate decorative elements that reflect the mood you want to set. Items such as wooden baskets for towels, a decorative soap dish, or an embellished bowl for cotton balls bring function and beauty to your space. Incorporating greenery into your bathroom can also liven up the space.

You can give your bathroom a new look without a complete overhaul. Simple fixes can bring big changes to your bathroom. Decide on a motif and redesign your bathroom into a space you can live with.

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