Closet organizing doesn’t have to wait for spring cleaning season. Kick off your fall cleaning spree by updating your closet for the upcoming cooler weather. Whether it needs a massive overhaul or just a quick facelift, we’ve got the easy closet organization ideas you need.

Organizing Your Closet by Starting from Scratch

If your closet currently looks like a tornado hit it, it’s probably in your best interest to clean it out completely and start over. This might be an opportune time to hire a professional closet organizer and get customized storage solutions. If you prefer to do it yourself, try these steps.

  1. Remove everything. This gives you a clean slate to work with and a chance to see everything that was in the closet. It might help you find items you thought you lost or reintroduce you to pieces you had forgotten about.

  2. stack of jeans next to pile of shoes

    Group similar items together. If you get all your shoes together, make a pile of all your jeans, and stack up all your sweaters, it will be easy to see what you have the most of and how much storage space each group will require.

  3. Take inventory of everything. Go through the groups you made, and ask yourself the following questions about each item:

    • Does it fit?
    • Is it in good condition?
    • Is it still in style?
    • Do I like it?

    If you answered “no” to any of the above, set the garment aside to donate, or throw it away if it’s in very poor condition.

  4. Store out-of-season garments. Since you probably won’t be wearing swimsuits, shorts, flip flops, and the like for roughly six months, don’t let those items take up valuable closet real estate—especially if you are dealing with very limited closet space. Pack them in bins or bags, or fold and stack them neatly, and put them on high shelves.

  5. shirts hung up by color

    Hang clothes by color or style (or both). As you hang up the clothing you’ll be wearing over fall and winter, keep like items together, and if you prefer, organize each group of garments by color.

  6. Arrange your clothing by what you use frequently. Make sure you will have easy access to the items you’ll be wearing most often.

Quick Closet Organization Tips

If you’re generally pretty neat and your closets are already relatively organized, it still can’t hurt to make a quick sweep through at the beginning of each season by completing steps 3–6 above.

A good rule of thumb: Hang all of the upcoming season’s clothes with the hangers facing the same direction. Once you wear something, turn its hanger the opposite way of the others. At the end of the season, donate all of the clothes whose hangers are still facing the original direction.

Closets don’t have to be a catchall for clutter and odds and ends. By dedicating a few hours at the start of each season to completing the tips here, or by hiring a Best Pick closet organizing company to help you out, a perfectly organized closet can easily be yours.

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