Sometimes when life gets hectic, the cleanliness of my home begins to reflect that chaos. Bathroom mirrors remain covered in toothbrush spittle, faucets lose their shine, furniture collects dust, stains seem to grow every time I look at that spot on the rug, and nothing is where it should be. Sound familiar?

To make matters worse, my husband and I rarely realize that our home is in the kind of disarray that would shame our parents until it’s too late. We know it’s bad, but we don’t let ourselves fully realize how bad until a visitor announces their presence or until we remember that we are out of our tried-and-true cleaning supplies when we finally have the time to clean our homes.

If this situation sounds familiar, keep reading to learn about the different methods I’ll use to clean my home during National Cleaning Week. Not only are there an array of DIY cleaning solutions you can use, but there are other unique ways to tackle the mess with household items and groceries you already have.

Housecleaning Tips for Scuffs, Grime, and Rings

coffee rings on wooden table

To Remove Scuffs

Peel a banana and rub the inside of the peel on your leather furniture or jewelry. When you’re done, wipe the surfaces down with a cloth, and viola—sparkle and shine! (Plus, you get a healthy snack.)

To Clean Grime and Fingerprints

Rub a slice of bread against your walls to wipe the grime, dirt, and fingerprints away. Be sure to peel the crust from the bread first if you’re wiping down wallpaper. You’ll be able to watch the fingerprints and dirt from children, guests, and pets disappear before your eyes.

To Remove Rings on Wooden Furniture

Dab a clean, dry washcloth in some mayonnaise and rub it on the table rings. Leave the mayonnaise on for a day, and then wipe it away with another clean washcloth. It’ll seem as if the table rings were never there.

Deep Cleaning Your House

cleaning stainless steel pan

To Deep Clean Your Toilet

Pour a citrus-flavored Kool-Aid packet or cup of Coca-Cola in your toilet and leave it overnight. The next day, swish your toilet brush around, and you’ll have a clean toilet bowl in no time.

To Scrub Away Food

Grab some aluminum foil, ball it up, wet it, and scrub the dish that may have days-old food stuck to it. It’ll work like a charm.

To Remove Dust

Wrap a pillowcase you can bear to part with around your ceiling fan. Next, hold the pillowcase with both hands and pull. The dust that’s had months to collect on your blades will be gone and secured within the case. This is especially helpful for anyone with dust allergies.

Cleaning Tips for Your Home’s Surfaces

shaving cream for cleaning purposes

To Polish

Place ketchup and salt on a cloth and apply the mixture to your copper items until you finish covering the surface. Wash the mixture off to discover a polished household favorite.

To Clean Your Bathroom Mirror

Apply white shaving cream—not the gel kind—to a washcloth. Next, spread the shaving cream in a thin layer along your mirror and remove the product with another clean cloth. Before you know it, your mirror will be as good as new.

To Remove Pet Hair

Put on rubber gloves or gloves with cotton liners. Next, lightly wet the gloves with water and wipe the surface where pet hair is prominent. The hair will come right off.

The Bottom Line

There is hope for houses left unclean for long periods of time, and there are supplies you can use even if you are out of your favorite cleaning agents—no last-minute store trips necessary. Join me for some spring cleaning during National Cleaning Week, and make your own cleanup fun by using my DIY methods; they’ll keep cleaning from feeling like a chore.