Even though spring begins in April, it typically makes its official appearance in May. The temperature is pleasant, pollen levels start to die down, and April’s rain showers begin to subside. If you’re planning to move soon, now is a great time to start sorting and packing your belongings. To kick off National Moving Month, the team at Best Pick Reports has put together an overview of our eight-part moving checklist.

Six weeks before you move. Start going through your things in order to determine what will need to be brought with you, what can be stored, and what should be given away or thrown out. Also, go ahead and provide your new address to utility companies, medical professionals, any organizations you belong to, etc., and take care of moving-related paperwork such as that involved with transferring schools, medical records, and insurance coverage.

Five weeks prior to moving day. Make sure your family and friends know the address to which you’re moving, and get your hands on whatever packing materials you will need. Order specialty packaging like mattress bags and dish boxes if you plan to use them.

Four weeks away from moving day. Inventory your valuables so you will know if they are damaged during the move. Schedule last-minute medical, dentist, and vet appointments with your current practitioners so that you won’t feel rushed to find new ones as soon as you move.

Pile of packed and unpacked moving boxes cluttering home interiorThree weeks before your move. Start packing if you haven’t already. If you’re using a professional moving company, make sure they have you scheduled for the correct date and time. Also, get in touch with a locksmith about changing the locks on your new home as soon as possible after you move in.

Two weeks away from the move. Complete most of your packing, and clean each room as you finish it if you’re not working with a cleaning service. Close or transfer bank accounts, and make sure you have enough cash on hand to tip your movers and to handle any unforeseen circumstances.

A week before moving day. Confirm that all your moving-related arrangements have been taken care of—the moving company, utilities at both locations, packing, etc. Figure out how you’re going to handle meals during the move, especially if you’re moving a long distance. Unplug all your electronics, and determine how you will transport them.

The day before you move. Double-check that everything has been packed, and pack any items you’ve needed accessible up until this point. Ensure that all your boxes are labeled appropriately and that you have a form of payment on hand that your moving company will accept.

Person lifting one end of white couch off wooden floorOn moving day. Get up early to make sure everything is 100 percent ready for the movers. Once they arrive, please leave the moving to them—that’s what you hired them for! More than anything, be flexible; you can’t account for all possibilities, no matter how much planning you do.

Stay tuned throughout the rest of National Moving Month for a slew of additional moving tips from Best Pick Reports, and once you’re ready to move, get in touch with a local Best Pick moving company.

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