Best Pick Reports would like to extend a heartfelt Happy Holidays greeting to all of our homeowners and Best Pick companies. Whether you’re traveling or entertaining at home, we have provided a few helpful tips to ensure your holidays are safe:

1. Unwrapping a gift is half the fun of receiving one, but we all know this can lead to massive piles of paper and ribbons that you will have to clean up. It may be tempting to throw these in the fireplace, but wrapping paper can ignite very suddenly and it burns intensely. To avoid a flash fire, it’s best to simply avoid tossing festive packaging into the fireplace.

2. The holidays always seem more festive with food, but unattended cooking is the leading cause of home fires in the United States. It’s easy to get distracted by friends, family, and to-dos, but when cooking for your guests, remember to always keep an eye on the range.

3. You rarely expect pipes to burst or water heaters to break, but don’t leave for your holiday travels without asking trusted friends or neighbors to keep an eye on your home. Give them a list of your go-to plumbers and electricians in Atlanta before you board your plane; you never know what unexpected problems can arise while you’re gone. You’ll want to make sure that any companies called in for emergencies can do the job correctly.

If you’re looking for a list of reputable contractors, you can visit us online to identify top-quality Atlanta plumbers and electricians that service your area.