A summer pool party is one of the best ways to welcome the warm weather and all the fun outdoor activities to follow. But just as with any other type of party, there are some important steps to take before opening your pool—and your home—to guests. Read on for our top pool party prep tips.

Schedule a Maintenance Visit

closeup of pool skimmer with leafThe last thing anyone wants is to swim in a dirty pool. Contact a local pool maintenance company to schedule a time for a technician to open your pool for the season. You can certainly take care of the opening tasks on your own, but these jobs can be time-consuming. Remember, too, that the cleanliness of your pool’s water depends on a delicate chemical balance. Sometimes it’s best to let a pro take the reins. Once the pool is sparkling clean and ready for fun, the only ongoing maintenance tasks will be cleaning the filter, vacuuming the pool weekly to remove leaves and other debris, and checking the water’s chemical balance every day.

Decorate the Space

backyard pool with lounge chairsOverwhelmed by different pool party decoration ideas? Try choosing party decorations and accessories in one or two of your favorite bright colors—this will help everything look effortlessly pulled together. Also, be sure to have plenty of comfortable seating options for your guests. Look for furniture cushions in weather-resistant fabrics, and stash extra towels and sunscreen in baskets or buckets around the pool area. As you look for party decorations, try to keep both practicality and festivity in mind. Keep items such as balloons, confetti, and paper streamers away from the pool. Popped balloons and wet paper can do a number on your pool’s filter.

Plan for Fun

closeup of fresh fruit skewersGather your collection of pool toys and floats, and make sure everything is inflated and in good shape. Invite your guests to bring any favorite toys or floats. Classic pool party games such as water volleyball or underwater races will get the party off to an excellent start. Well-fed guests are happy guests, so be sure to offer plenty of snacks and drinks as well. The best party snacks are easy to both prepare and eat—think fresh fruits and veggies, bite-sized sandwiches, and other simple finger foods.

To ensure that you and your guests can relax and enjoy the party, follow some basic pool safety guidelines. Keep a close eye on any children in or around the pool, and try to minimize trip hazards in the pool area. Have a charged cell phone or cordless landline phone on hand for peace of mind. The only thing left to do is turn on some music and get the party started.

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