Taking care of a yard can seem like a daunting task, and choosing from the endless options of yard tools doesn’t make it any easier. Nevertheless, there are some tools that you can’t skip out on. Whether your yard is ten square feet or ten acres, these tools are essential to keeping up a healthy yard with curb appeal.

Knee Pads or Knee Mats and Gardening Gloves

Landscaping is hard on the body, but the right gear can make it easier. Enjoy the satisfaction of caring for your garden or weeding your lawn without sacrificing your knees or hands. Gardening enthusiasts recommend machine-washable pads and gloves for comfort and easy care.


Whether you’re cutting back tree branches or prettying up your rose bushes, a good pair of pruners will make your yard work easier and faster. Like most garden equipment, pruners come in different types, but a pair of basic bypass pruners will work for most small landscaping jobs. A solid pair of metal pruners will help you keep your plants tamed and healthy.

String Trimmer

string trimmer laying on the groundFor pruning and trimming work that’s out of reach, consider picking up an electric trimmer. This yard essential makes quick work of unruly plants and makes yard maintenance a snap, turning a daylong battle into a 15-minute breeze. Choosing the right trimmer depends on the size and nature of your yard work. Electric trimmers with rechargeable batteries are a lightweight, low-maintenance choice for basic care of lawns smaller than an acre. Another plus is that their batteries are often interchangeable with other lawn equipment, which saves room, time, and money that you’d spend on traditional gas-powered tools.


hand pulling dead leaves off rakeA good rake is an essential component of your arsenal of equipment. The first step in choosing the right one is to understand what kind of rake you need. The most common version is the lawn or leaf rake. Its tines are usually made of plastic, metal, or even bamboo. If you tend to use your rake for the basics, such as leaves and light landscaping, metal and plastic tines are the most durable and effective. However, if you’re raking delicate areas like flower beds, bamboo tines are the most gentle option.   


Wheelbarrows work well for storage and movement and help make any project’s setup and cleanup easier. The classic metal wheelbarrow is durable but tends to rust and weigh a ton. Consider a plastic wheelbarrow with rubber handles for basic lawn care. Less rust and less weight mean a better option for both your wallet and your back.

Lawn Mower

Arguably the most essential tool for lawn care is a good lawn mower. While you can improvise or ignore many of your lawn chores, there’s no getting out of cutting the grass. For small lawns, consider a manual mower, which is energy efficient, quiet, and generally effective. Electric push mowers are also efficient and quiet but can be limited by battery capacity. For midsize yards or yards at an incline, self-propelled walk-behind mowers are both powerful and easy to use. Consider front-wheel-drive mowers for mobility, and use rear-wheel-drive models for working on hills. If your yard is closer to an acre, you’re probably best purchasing a riding mower. These mowers begin at about twice the cost of traditional push mowers but are powerful and make quick work of mowing. Like all mowers, your riding mower should be chosen based on your terrain. Rear-engine mowers are good for basic lawn care and are relatively small. Lawn and garden tractors are upgraded versions of the traditional mower, capable of hauling attachments and performing heavy-duty yard projects.

It’s easy to get caught up in the allure of all the fancy new products on the market, but there are some basics that can never be ignored. Whether you’re a longtime homeowner or just getting started, these lawn care tips will help make your yard the best on the block.

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