If it’s been too unseasonably warm for you to spare a thought for your heating system, you’re running out of time to make sure it will be ready when Jack Frost finally makes his appearance. 

In this post, R.S. Andrews, an Atlanta Best Pick, shares which items should be checked off your heating to-do list sooner rather than later. While they stress the importance of changing your furnace’s filter and making sure all the vents in your home are clear, the company points out that not all winter heating tips are specific to the HVAC system itself. 

They also recommend that you “double-check the seals around your windows” and “inspect your house’s attic to ensure that it’s properly insulated.” When the cold weather arrives and makes itself at home, pay attention to your thermostat’s settings. R.S. Andrews particularly warns against setting your thermostat so that your furnace will cycle on and off repeatedly. 

They write, “The more times your heater has to turn on and off, the more energy will be used, and the more the indoor temperature will fluctuate.”

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