Now that you have an idea of the kinds of precautions that should be taken to help make your home safe for younger and older residents, it’s a good idea to think about what you can do to ensure that your whole family stays safe regardless of age. Read on for some safety suggestions that can help protect everyone in your home.

Home Safety for Everyone

  • Keep flammable objects such as clothes, curtains, and papers away from sources of heat like radiators, space heaters, and fireplaces.

  • Don’t run electrical cords under carpets or rugs—the cords could fray while out of sight and potentially start an electrical fire.

  • Make sure all stairs have railings on both sides and that all rails and guards are sturdy and in good order.

  • Keep the bathroom as dry and clean as you can, and store all electrical bathroom appliances—such as hair dryers and straighteners—as far away from water as possible.

  • emergency checklist

    Establish an emergency plan. Ensure that all family members know which exits to use and what to do in case of an emergency.

  • If you have a gas stove, check the pilot lights regularly to make sure they are still lit.

  • Have the chimney swept at least once a year to prevent any buildups of creosote.

  • Clean up spilled liquids as quickly as possible to minimize the risk of slipping.

  • spilled milk

    Be cautious when handling power tools. Keep them clean and in good repair, and use goggles and gloves when working with them.

  • Consider replacing regular glass windows or sliding doors with specially treated or safety glass.

  • Do not store heavy items on high shelves.

  • Have your electrical wiring checked once every few years to make sure everything is safe and in working order.

With good planning and some helpful home updates, you can make sure that your home is a safe place for children, adults, and elderly residents alike.

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