As the old adage goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. So, when the urge to clean up hits this year, why not try turning a little more of your trash into treasure? Consider throwing a yard sale! This classic pastime doesn’t only have to happen in the summer months. Yard sales are a great way to empty your garage and line your pockets all year round.

Why Throw a Yard Sale?

You get to name your own price. This is probably the most appealing reason to put together a yard sale. While there are retailers and services that offer to buy used items and resell them, you may feel they underprice your valuables. Throwing your own sale allows you to control your price points and negotiations.

Along with creating space for new things and making a dollar, yard sales are a good way to interact with your neighbors and other people who love a deal. You might be surprised by which items make the biggest impression.

What Should You Sell?

Assorted vintage items stacked in the attic with retro wallpaper backgroundOne man’s trash is another man’s treasure—but not all of it. Focus your selling efforts on your highest-quality belongings. You should also take season into account. Don’t just base your sale on what you would want, but try to think about what anybody wants at a certain time of year. Spring is a great time to sell sports equipment, while autumn is ideal for selling winter apparel. People are less likely to want to browse when it’s freezing outside, so focus a winter yard sale on selling things people really need, like firewood or heaters. Essentials such as decent furniture and working electronics will probably do well at any time of year.

When Should You Sell It?

Cleaning isn’t only for spring.  After being cooped up inside all winter, it’s no wonder that we take the first chance we get to organize our space, but spring isn’t the only time to sell your valuables. Basic economics say that there’s a chance having a yard sale in an “off” season could help you sell more because there are fewer sales to compete with. Depending on your inventory, it may even be better to push your rummage sale plans into summer, fall, or even winter to make a profit.

 How Do You Get Started?

Older couple talking to Girl Holding Yard SaleGet organized. The first step to decluttering is taking the initiative to clean. Take stock of all of your belongings and decide what stays and what goes. A good rule of thumb while spring cleaning is to ask yourself if you’ve used the item in the past six months. If the answer is no, you can probably live without it. Next, organize your belongings into sections similar to those in a retail store. This will assist you in the set-up process and help buyers work through your inventory. It will also make donating any leftovers more efficient.

Do your research. Visit yard sales in your area to get a feel for what works and what doesn’t. Consider date, pricing, inventory, and advertising as a start. Pay special attention to how people in your area spread the word about their sales, be it community bulletin boards, online advertisements, handmade signs, or even Facebook statuses. All of this information will help you organize a sale tailor-made to make you money.

Reorganizing your home isn’t an easy process, but a garage sale is a great way to make it worth it.

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