With autumn comes the promise of social gatherings, the pleasant aromas of cinnamon and bonfires, and the beautiful color transition of the leaves. The other side of the season is often forgotten about—the home maintenance that comes with inviting guests over and tracking in fallen leaves. Now, you can clean in the spirit of fall with the following essentials.

Fall Potpourri

Part of keeping your house clean is eliminating odors from pets, the trashcan, and other sources of unpleasant smells. A fall potpourri with apples, carnation petals, and spices will do the trick. Not only will simmering the potpourri make your house smell good, but straining the ingredients and saving them for later can keep your house smelling like cinnamon for days. Alternate recipes every week for fresh scents throughout the season.

Essential Oils

rosemary plant and essential oilSimilar to potpourri, essential oils release lovely scents, but they also have health benefits, including antibacterial properties and the promotion of relaxation and blood circulation. Essential oils come in a number of scents for autumn, like anise, cinnamon, clove, fir, and rosemary, as well as comforting scents for the other seasons of the year.

Cinnamon Orange Cleaner

For people who just can’t get enough cinnamon-scented candles, oils, or potpourri in their lives, go a step further with a do-it-yourself orange cinnamon cleaner. All you need to do is put orange peels in a mason jar with white vinegar and cinnamon. Let the mixture sit in the pantry for a couple of weeks, and then strain it into a spray bottle for cleaning. If you want it to smell even more like cinnamon, include several drops of a cinnamon essential oil.

Walnut Scuff Remover

walnut in shell on tableIf you need to hide scuff marks or scratches on wooden furniture, use a walnut. Rub the walnut on the scuff mark, and then rub a small bit of polish over the mark—your furniture will look as good as new! This technique probably won’t hide larger marks, but it’s a great quick fix for when your family and friends are almost at your home and you don’t have time for a more extensive repair.

Autumn doesn’t have to stay outside. Start the season in full swing by using fall essentials, like cinnamon, apples, oranges, and walnuts, to keep your house clean! You’ll get to enjoy the season indoors and out, and you might find yourself cleaning more often than usual just for the fun of making your home smell like your favorite parts of fall.