Feet up, hot cocoa in hand, and the warm glow of the fire washing over you—there’s nothing quite like lounging in front of the fireplace. The quickest way to ruin this otherwise idyllic scene is by using the wrong kind of fuel on your fire. A room filling with thick smoke and potentially poisonous fumes is hardly the stuff of a relaxing night. In the interest of chimney and fireplace safety, here are a few things you should never burn in your home.

Infographic on what not to burn indoors

What Not to Burn In Your Fireplace

Green or Treated Wood

Dangers include excessive smoke, toxic fumes, and increased risk of chimney fires.

Paper Products

Airborne ash and remnants can cause house fires. Inks and chemicals in paper release toxic fumes when burned.

Fuel Accelerants

Gasoline, kerosene, and lighter fluid can lead to the kinds of pyrotechnics best reserved for big-budget blockbusters.

Coal or Charcoal

Great for barbecues, but terrible for roasting chestnuts. Coal and charcoal burn at temperatures too high for most fireplaces.

Plastic or Trash

Fireplaces make for bad incinerators. Like paper, plastic and other garbage produce large amounts of smoke and toxic materials.

Stay Safe, Use Firewood!

Keep your home safe—use only seasoned wood as fuel. You and your loved ones will definitely breathe easier!