Any homeowner thinking of selling their home will very quickly become familiar with—and probably sick of—the phrase “curb appeal.” 

This oft-discussed quality can be hugely important—a house listing can live or die by how charming it appears from the street, particularly in a crowded market. 

One of the easiest ways to boost your home’s curb appeal is by giving your yard and the foliage around it an upgrade.

Knowing where to start is a challenge with seemingly endless options, from ground cover plants to pollinator-friendly flowers.

Spring is the perfect time to incorporate fragrant, vibrant plants into your landscape, and calling in a professional never hurts. Here are a few types of spring plants that can enhance your home.

Infographic on Spring Plants That Increase Your Curb Appeal

Spring Plants That Increase Your Curb Appeal

First impressions can be tough to shake—few people are holding out hope for a home’s “inner beauty.” Add these plants to your yard, and you’ll likely turn a head or two.

Foundation Concealers

Attention-grabbing plants like rhododendrons, azaleas, holly bushes, and knockout roses are great for obscuring unattractive foundation walls.

Bold and Vibrant Plants

For a pop of bold color, iconic bulbs such as crocuses, tulips, and daffodils are excellent go-tos. The right combination of plants can ensure a colorful yard all season long.

Ground Cover Plants

If you’re looking to fill in bare spots or have some ground to cover underneath your rosebushes, plants like the ‘Blue Sue’ Setcreasea are an excellent choice.

Season-Long Bloomers

Plants that bloom all season, such as verbena varieties ‘Princess Blush’ and ‘Princess Dark Lavender,’ are star performers for any garden.

Fragrant Plants

Complement bold colors with fragrant spring plants like wisterias, hyacinths, daffodils, herbs, and many others to turn the walk to your front door into a multisensory treat.

Edible Plants

When getting fresh produce, a stroll out to the garden certainly beats a drive to the grocery store, and herbs and vegetables also tend to be colorful and fragrant.

Pollinator Magnets

Plants such as ‘Stars and Stripes’ Pentas that attract pollinators like butterflies or hummingbirds are great to have, especially if you are growing herbs, fruits, or vegetables.

If you want to woo potential buyers or just get your neighbors’ tongues wagging, dazzle them by turning your yard into an experience they won’t soon forget.