Laundry is one of those necessary evils that plagues our nights and weekends. It doesn’t help that the clothing tag symbols are cryptic and not so self-explanatory. Worry not—you’ll soon be able to read those clothes-washing symbols with ease.


Clothing Tags Decoded

INFOGRAPHIC: Clothing Tag Symbols

The Most Common Symbols

Machine Wash
Machine washable on any setting.
Tumble Dry
Can be dried on any heat or cycle setting.
Can be ironed, with steam, at any temperature.
Can be treated with any type of bleach.
Dry-clean only.
Do Not
Do not wash, dry, iron, bleach, or dry-clean if there's an X over the symbol.


Cold or Low
Warm or Medium
Hot or High
Any dots inside a symbol refer to washing machine, dryer, and iron temperature settings.


Permanent Press
Delicate or Gentle
Any lines underneath a symbol refer to washing machine and dryer cycle settings.

Other Symbols

  • Hand Wash
  • No Heat
  • No Steam
  • Non-chlorine Bleach Only
  • Drip-Dry
  • Dry Flat

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