Though it certainly can get complicated, taking care of your lawn ultimately comes down to a few basic things. Watering and mowing your lawn in addition to using an appropriate fertilizer will get your yard off to a strong start. Follow these basic lawn care tips, and you’ll soon be presiding over a lush, green kingdom of your very own.

Infographic of Lawn Care Tips

Basic Lawn Care Tips

The path to maintaining a green, healthy yard begins with a few simple ideas—follow these basic lawn care tips, and you’ll be well on your way.

Water Regularly

A weekly soaking is typically enough for most lawns. At least the top six inches of soil should be moist when finished. Watering in the early morning hours reduces evaporation.

Cut Wisely

Many people make the mistake of mowing their lawns too short. This can damage and ultimately kill the grass as well as make it easier for weeds to take hold. Cut only the top third of your lawn.


To ensure your soil has the correct balance of nutrients for a thriving lawn, be sure to fertilize your lawn twice a year.

Other Tips

Eventually, you may graduate to worrying about more advanced lawn care, like aeration or weed control, but these three simple ideas will be enough to get most people’s lawns off to a strong start.