A closet door can be a blessing and a curse because it keeps your possessions out of sight. While keeping the look of your home neat and organized, a mess can lurk behind it. It’s easy to throw something into a closet to get it out of the way, but done repeatedly, this can turn a neatly organized storage space into disarray. Solving the problem doesn’t have to be difficult.

Organizing Your Bedroom Closet

  1. Organize by season. Ensure that the most accessible clothing and items in your closet are clothes that are in season. Store out-of-season items on high shelves or in storage containers.

  2. Compartmentalize. There are myriad organizing products out there that can help you keep your closet sorted out. Shoe organizers, shelf dividers, and hanging systems can help you keep everything in its place. Use dead space to hang suitcases and overnight bags.

  3. Out with the old. Most people only wear about 20 percent of their wardrobes. Turn all your hangers backward on the rod so each hanger is open to your bedroom. When you wear something, hang it facing forward (away from you). After a year, donate any clothes still facing backward.

Organizing Your Bathroom Closet or Drawers

Person organizing towels in bathroom closet
  1. Clear away old items. Throw away items that are showing significant wear and tear. Discard or donate items that are out of style or that you simply have stopped using. Make sure that you aren’t holding on to any nearly empty bottles of shampoo or soap that no one is using.

  2. Organize by purpose. Organize towels by color so that they’re ready to be taken out of the closet together when you need them. Keep products you would use in the shower separate from products that are used at the bathroom sink. Consider getting plastic bins or baskets to help group oddly shaped items. More ideas for maximizing bathroom storage space.

  3. Keep most frequently used items near eye level. Save the bottom of the closet for heavy or large items, and put infrequently used or seasonal items, such as beach towels, on higher shelves. 

Organizing Your Coat Closet

Colorful sturdy closet hangers
  1. Invest in sturdy hangers. Coats are heavier than other clothing items and will weigh down hangers that don’t have the fortitude to stand up to them. Throw out wire hangers and flimsy plastic ones, and invest in strong hangers to keep items from falling to the floor.

  2. Utilize the back of the door. Adding hooks to the back of the closet door will allow you to use the space immediately behind the door as storage. This is also a good place to put temporary items, like a guest’s scarf and handbag.

  3. Install additional shelving. Typical coat closets may come with a shelf over the coat rack, but take a look at your closet and see if you can add more shelving above and below what’s already there. 

Organizing Your Garage Closet

Organized garage tools
  1. Add hooks for your cleaning supplies. A garage closet is full of tools for yard work and cleaning, such as rakes, brooms, and mops. Instead of stacking them in a corner, hang them from the walls to keep tools from collecting dust and cobwebs.

  2. Take advantage of vertical space. Install shelving and cabinetry along the walls to maximize storage in your garage. Weatherproof plastic storage bins can be stacked on shelving to keep seasonal decorations out of the way, and yard care products can be displayed in a neat and accessible way.

  3. Group similar items. It’s much easier to find that box of holiday decorations or your special dishes or that tool when they’re stored logically. Designate certain areas of the garage for certain items, and you’ll find what you’re looking for in no time.

Organization can change your closets from cluttered nightmares into manageable, pleasant storage spaces. 

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