It’s natural to love your own home, but doesn’t it feel good when other people love it, too? These days, one of the highest compliments your home can receive is being posted on social media.

If your home doesn’t elicit quite that much fanfare, keep in mind that you don’t need to do a full-scale exterior remodel to impress. Draw some inspiration from the following tips to make your home worthy of an Instagram photo.

Paint Your Front Door

small gray house with yellow front doorWhen viewing a home, most people’s eyes are immediately drawn to the front door. Is your front door a dark color, the same color as some other aspect of your house’s exterior, a standard door with no interesting design details, or otherwise just like everyone else’s front door?

As the part of your home that’s specifically designed to welcome visitors inside, your front door should make a statement about who you are.

Painting your front door is the easiest, most inexpensive way to give it a facelift. Bright, nontraditional front door colors will earn the most Instagram likes. Check out these creative front door ideas.

Plant Spots of Color

window boxes with pink flowers against blue shuttersIf you (or your homeowners’ association) cringe at the idea of painting any part of your home’s exterior a flashy color, there are other ways you can add brightness to the neutral backdrop of your house.

Incorporating flowers into your front-yard landscape is always an option, but if you don’t want your home to get lost in your followers’ Instagram feeds, stick colorful blooms closer to the house itself.

Place planters on your front porch or along your walkway, or add window boxes and fill them with beautiful flowers.

Bring Back the Past

porch with white wicker furniture and colorful cushionsModern may be trendy, but a lot of Instagram filters are designed to give photos a retro vibe. If you’re a #nofilter fan, you can still create that vintage feel by mixing shabby chic embellishments with your current exterior decor.

Think distressed wood, wrought iron, worn and faded paint, airy colors, and upcycled objects.

Be You-nique with Decor

front porch with brightly colored plantersIf you prefer to live in the moment rather than the past, cool and unusual exterior decor items can garner photo likes simply for being interesting. Infuse your outdoor space with anything that celebrates who you are.

  • Use DIY decorations such as tiki torches made out of wine bottles.
  • Select outdoor furniture with an eye-catching fabric.
  • Decorate with objects you don’t expect to see outside, like mirrors or a room divider.

Pay Attention to Detail

bay window with stained glass panesWith cookie-cutter neighborhoods popping up left and right, it’s the details that will make your home stand out from the crowd—and have your followers scrolling back up to find the photo of it.

While you can certainly get your home noticed without any remodeling, there are endless Instagram-worthy possibilities if you do have room for a remodel in your budget. For example:

  • Add unique elements, such as stained glass windows.
  • Integrate period architecture pieces.
  • Replace traditional siding with vertical siding, stone veneer, or brick.

Social media feeds are flooded with images of anything and everything, so the best way to capture a user’s attention is to make sure whatever you’re photographing really pops in some way.

People are drawn to the unusual, beautiful, and extraordinary.

If it’s your home you want to highlight, be creative and make it as unique as you are.