The holidays are a time for eating, drinking, and general merriment. With merriment, though, comes the occasional mess, but don’t let the fear of a big cleanup keep you from hosting all season long. Read on for cleaning tips that’ll keep you happily hosting parties into the new year.

Start Out Strong

mother and daughter playing with cleaning supplies while cleaning at homeGet ahead of the craziness by preparing your home in advance. Before your first get-together, organize a top-to-bottom deep clean. This will not only make room for your guests, but it will also help with cleanup between events. 

Divide your belongings into piles to keep and give away, and make your decisions ahead of your first gathering. The goal of cleaning for the holidays is to clear your home of junk and get ready for the influx of gifts and clutter—you’ll thank yourself later.

Focus on Entertaining Spaces

Since guests aren’t likely to be in your private living spaces, focus your attention on where they will be. Between events, pay attention to maintaining the kitchen, living, and dining spaces. 

Keep extra trash cans and storage spaces available in these areas to help with cleanup and setup. This not only shortens cleanup time but will keep spaces ready for your next gathering. 

In addition, keep an eye on guest bathrooms, and stock them with extra essentials like soap and toilet paper. Spot cleaning between parties will help keep the spaces tidy and inviting for unexpected guests.

Keep Essential Tools on Hand

cleaning supplies in a washbin by a sinkIt helps to keep an arsenal of essential spot-cleaning tools with you throughout your hosting season. Decide which tools will help you make your spaces presentable between gatherings, and keep them around all season. 

Cleaning essentials like a mop, broom, hand vacuum, and dust rag will help get rid of pesky dirt without eating up too much of your increasingly rare free time.

Catching up with friends and family is one of the best parts of the holidays. With some preparation and effort, you’ll be able to party all winter long.