dog looking over wooden fenceLong a symbol of domestic tranquility, fences can be found around houses in every corner of the country. They come in many types and serve a variety of purposes, including protecting our pets, privacy, and property. “Whichever type chosen, periodic maintenance is necessary to keep the fence in shape and looking good,” say the fencing experts at L&C Fence & Gate, a Best Pick in Dallas. In this article from L&C Fence, they share tips on how to protect your fence so that it will continue to protect you for years to come. L&C Fence believes that fence maintenance starts at installation: “Installing a quality fence from the start using the right materials along with standard maintenance can prolong the life of the fence for many years.” The company shares advice for maintaining the aesthetic and structural integrity of wooden and wrought iron fences when faced with common foes such as moisture, plants, and algae. READ MORE

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