Although spiders can be scary, and fear of them is common, they are quite helpful for pest control. A spider may be a welcome sight in a garden, where they keep populations of nastier pests down, but they aren’t as welcome indoors. Most spin webs, which can create unsightly cobwebs, and depending on the species, getting bitten could lead to severe health consequences. Knowing ways to get rid of spiders will keep your corners clear.

Avoid Bringing Them Indoors

It’s not uncommon for a spider to hitch a ride into your home from the outdoors. One of the best opportunities for a spider to get inside is by crawling onto an item left on the ground. If a package has been delivered to your home, inspect it for any unwelcome stowaways. Likewise, you should check your shopping bags or luggage if you put them on the driveway when you unload the car.

Cut Off Their Access

Ensure that your exterior doors close properly with a good seal to keep spiders from sneaking in through cracks. Replace any weather stripping that looks like it’s deteriorating, and make sure that window screens are not damaged. You should also look into any other places where your home allows access from outside, such as seals around vent covers and the places where outdoor wiring enters the home.

Don’t Attract Other Pests

Spiders love to eat other bugs, so keep them from coming indoors by minimizing the presence of other pests in your home. Food waste will attract pests like flies, ants, and roaches. Also, bright light at night will attract many types of flying insects and invite spiders to build webs around them to take advantage of the feast. Turn off unnecessary outdoor lighting at night.

Make Sure Plants Aren’t Too Close to the House

tall plants in front of white housePlants are especially attractive to spiders, as they provide ample footing for webs as well as ideal hiding spots from predators. However, if the plants they’ve chosen as home are too close to your house, they also provide a path indoors when the weather cools down and the spiders need a warmer place to live. Make sure that plants and trees aren’t brushing against your house.

Keep Unfinished Areas of the House Clean

Attics, garages, and basements are popular with spiders in part because they are easily accessible from the outdoors and in part because they’re dark and frequently used for storage, meaning there are lots of nooks and crannies in which to hide. Keep these areas from becoming infested by cleaning them periodically to clear away any cobwebs and egg sacs.

Trap and Release Found Spiders

spider trapped under glass cupIf you see a spider in your home, it is likely there looking for other pests that may have come in seeking warmth. While they are sometimes scary looking, they are a great natural pest control system, so trapping and releasing spiders outdoors keeps them alive to stop other pests for another day. Trap the spider under a cup and slide a piece of paper underneath to keep it inside, and then carry it out into your yard to release it. Just be careful to identify the type of spider so you don’t endanger yourself if trapping a venomous one.

With these tips and tricks, you can get rid of spiders in your home without spending money or using chemicals. If you feel that your efforts aren’t enough, call one of our Best Pick pest removal companies to help you mitigate the presence of spiders in your house.

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