Finding insects and nuisance animals on your property or inside your home can be a burden, but choosing the right pest control company doesn’t have to be. Because of the various types of pests and the potentially dangerous chemicals used to eradicate them, it’s important to choose a reputable, professional pest control company.

Many times, a technician operates inside of your home, so homeowners should be careful when making their selection. Below is a guide of the do’s and don’ts in choosing a local, reputable pest control company to meet your needs.

Do Get Termites Insurance

Ask about what kind of insurance a pest control company can provide.This is particularly important when it comes to termites. Homeowners’ insurance does not always cover termite treatment or repairs, so homeowners should be proactive in finding a reputable company who will install a good baiting system or treat the exterior to prevent infestations.

Warranties with a damage clause are not a common offer by companies. When signing your contract, if there is a damage clause, be sure to understand exactly what it will cover. If you cannot afford a warranty program, a termite inspection once a year is a must.

Do Use Licensed Termite/Pest Control Companies

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Only hire pest control companies that meet the licensing requirements for your particular state.You should note that licensing requirements do vary from state to state, and some are stricter than others. Hire companies that have experience handling your particular kind of bug or nuisance animal problem.

Inquire if the company you’re interviewing has handled this type of nuisance with previous customers. It’s also a good idea to ask to speak to previous customers to learn how well the company dealt with their problem and if there have been any recurrences.

Do Resolve Termite Problems

Ask the company to walk you through how they would handle this problem if you were their customer.Would they use baits? Traps? Chemicals? Exclusion? You may want to have them present their pest control plan to you in writing for your records; you can then compare this information to the plans of any other pest control company you are considering for hire.

Do Read Pest Control Fine Print

Read the fine print.In many partsacrossthe country, pest control services are divided into either general pest control or termite control. Make sure your contract covers the type of service you’re seeking. Also, double-check that you understand your contract in detail. It’s best to always go with a written contract over a verbal agreement.

Do Trust Your Intuition

If a company representative is making you feel uncomfortable in any way, you probably don’t want the company to service your home. Just as in professional interviews, your connection with the person you are meeting is important. Pest control technicians generally visit your house on a regular basis, so good communication and a sense of comfort are recommended.

Don't Take Their Word

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Don’t trust that the pest control companies or technicians are licensed simply because they tell you they are. It is best to do your own research on this matter. Ask the company you are interviewing for their license numbers, and then verify them with your secretary of state or the organization that gave the certifications.

Remember, pest control licensingregulationsvary state by state. For more information on where to check the licenses for your particular area, you can call our Help Desk at 1-888-213-2840.

Compare Pest Control Certificates and Licenses

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that all certificates and licenses are created equal. Research each license and certification individually, and feel free to call the licensing agency to ask them about their requirements. Below are some questions you may want to ask when researching a license or certification for a company you are interviewing:

  • Is this license or certification obtained by simply paying a fee?
  • Does this certification require a certain number of hours of practice or education to earn?
  • Does the contractor have to do anything in order to maintain this license or certification?
  • How often does this license or certification expire?

Don't Be Pressured Into Signing a Contract

Don’t let yourself be pressured into signing a contract right away.If a company is trying to rush you into signing something, ask yourself why. Could they be a fly-by-night group that is trying to take your money and not give you proper service in return?

Hire a Best Pick Pest Control Company

Your local Best Pick pest control companies will be able to provide you with the information and service you need to effectively and efficiently combat your nuisance problems. By following these simple rules in hiring a trustworthy pest control company, you’re helping protect your home and family, which is a smart investment and will help you sleep more soundly at night (and won’t let the bed bugs bite).