It’s hard not to feel lonely when the kids move out, but a redecorating session can help you reorganize and make the most of those newly vacated spaces. Here are a few tips on how to redecorate your empty rooms and make a quieter house feel like home again.

walk-in closet with storage racks and cabinets

Consider turning a smaller room into your own personal dressing room or spacious walk-in closet. Dressing rooms are great places to keep your outfits organized and store clothes that are not in season. A closet and garage organizing company can help you design the perfect closet or dressing room.

A Place to Relax

With a few comfy seats and some entertainment, a medium-sized to larger room can easily be converted into a new den. Dress it up with elegant new furniture, upholstery, and floor coverings, or make it cozy with a new TV or home theater system, a few bookshelves, and comfortable casual seating.

A Place to Exercise

older man on exercise mat by workout equipment

Turn any room into a home gym with weights, exercise machinery, and mats for warm-ups or yoga routines. Remember not to place your workout equipment too close together—you’re going to want room to stretch.  

A Place to Concentrate

Your kids aren’t the only ones who need to study and focus every once in a while. A home office or reading room with the right desk, lighting, and wall storage can provide you with a place to think clearly while you read or work from home.

A Place to Play

woman painting with stored art supplies at home

Now that your kids can parent themselves, there’s plenty of time for you to play! A hobby or craft room can provide artistically or mechanically inclined homeowners with a place for their tools, projects, and works in progress—just add your own storage system and tool organizers. Those who aren’t so crafty can take advantage of that extra space and set up a room just for classic games or even video game systems.

Your empty nest doesn’t have to mean empty rooms. A dedicated redecorating effort can turn your newly empty house back into a comfortable and happy home.