The launch of the 2013 edition of Home Reports is under way, and the EBSCO Research staff is excited to connect you with the highest-rated companies in Atlanta, as determined by you and your neighbors. 

If you live in one of the areas where we conduct research, you should have already received a copy of our blue-and-white Home Reports book. Now published in ten cities across the US, the report features detailed profiles of Best Pick companies that qualified through our independent research. 

Inside the report, you’ll also find real customer reviews on each Best Pick as well as industry tips and insight into dozens of home service topics, such as air conditioning and heating, lawn treatment, and window tinting. 

If you’re new to our publication, just read through the first few pages to learn about:

  • How we screen and research companies
  • What hiring a “Best Pick” means for you
  • How our report is different from other guides
  • The EBSCO Research blog and monthly newsletter
  • The Best Pick App
  • Various features of our website

Even if you don’t live in one of our distribution areas, you can still visit our newly redesigned website to learn more about EBSCO Research, catch up on helpful seasonal tips and advice on the EBSCO Research blog, sign up to receive home care tips in our monthly newsletter, and download the Best Pick App. 

Our website is also a great place to find a local Best Pick company to work with you on your next home improvement project. Best Picks must requalify each year, and we are proud to recommend every one of them.

For updates and home care advice, don’t forget to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google +!

Our Research Process

Home Reports Research Process

For more information about our multi-step independent research process, please visit our research methodology page.

How We Are Different

How Home Reports is Different

Since our founding in 1997, our principles have been based on accurate and consistent information, and we uphold, share, and publish our standards for your benefit.

More about EBSCO Research

Founded in 1997, EBSCO Research LLC is an independent research firm that currently publishes Home Reports. Inclusion in an EBSCO Research publication is a selective and significant accolade. 

Only companies that meet EBSCO Research’s strict benchmarks are eligible for Best Pick™ status. Companies cannot buy this distinction; instead they must receive almost exclusively positive reviews based on more than 100 customer reviews. 

In addition to meeting these strict standards of excellence, every company must requalify each year. The select few who qualify and choose to participate in the Best Pick program are then showcased online and in the annual print publications. For more information, please read our story.