Whether you’ve just moved in or you’ve decided it’s time to make some changes, it’s always a good idea to think about how your home investments will pay off in the long run. Protect your home investments by avoiding renovations that might hurt your home’s value if you decide to sell.

Infographic on Home Investments to Avoid

Consider the Upkeep

Thinking of making changes to your landscaping? Review the daily, monthly, and seasonal maintenance requirements of the design you want.

Rethink that expensive new pool if it will be used fewer than three months of the year.

Avoid Over-Personalizing

Depending on how permanent the work is, reconsider investing in highly customized designs involving backsplashes, tile, and lighting.

Paint can easily be refreshed, but textured walls and ceilings can be a pain to remove.

Think Twice About Room Renovations

Having enough bedrooms and bathrooms is a major selling point in any home.

Storage space can be an issue, so buyers often look for closets and garages.